Sara Anne Luke (nightcaps_4_all) wrote in screenplayery,
Sara Anne Luke

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Would you see a movie about the following? It is very important for me to know!

"Summer in Bedlam" is the story of Kelly Hunter, an aspiring young woman dying to make something of her less than perfect life, but has no clue how. The film takes place in a small racially divided town. Kelly wants nothing more than to leave behind the ignorance of her Texas home. One summer night she meets John Porter, an ambitious, black young man from Houston. He is unlike anyone Kelly has ever met. John helps to counsel Kelly about her future, and college, and the two form a special friendship that soon blossoms into a romantic relationship. But racism, jealousy, and a former love soon test their bond. Kelly is then forced to choose between a past that she knows and a future of which she has no idea about.
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