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Script Idea for Final Film Project

I'd like to get some ideas from you people, or at least your opinion on my idea for a script. It's a 16mm film project with sound, lighting, the works, for my final class in film school. 5 to 10 minutes long. (no longer) Here's the idea:

Have two cops show up to a house because neigboors called in screams. Thinking they have a domestic violence crime, they come in and search the house. They find the father hiding in a corner, covered in sweat, holding a bloody bat. They ask him to put the weapon down. He refuses, mumbling to himself. They ask him where is family is, and he says they're all dead. Handling it like a murderer they yell at him some more but he still refuses.
A Silhouette appears behind one of the cops that only the crazy father notices.
When he reacts by lifting his bat, the cops shoot him. He slides to the ground dead. A Pause. The silhouette attacks one of the cops from behind. The screeching girls bites one of the cops and they throw her to the floor. She sloppily gets back up despite being told to stay still... so the Cop tries his billyclub on her. The blows don't seem to affect this cracked out girl. On her next lunge the officers are able to get the crazy girl to the ground and handcuff her.

Reeling from the attack and taking a breather, they are about to call in for backup when they see the father get off the ground again..... and begin lumbering toward them, moaning.

A gun fight would ensue as the cops try to deal with things that don't die. One cop would be killed and the other forced into hiding in a room. I'd probably let one cop survive, but he'd have to kill the other zombified cop first.

Another version would have the bloody father with a gun. After he's killed, the surviving cop would use that gun to kill his zombified partner, to avoid plot holes of "well wouldn't the cops do an autopsy and find it was his 9mm bullets from a glock?"

Anyway, you get the idea I'm trying to do: Start the movie off in the direction of cop drama, then surprise the audience with zombies. Some aubtle music, dark lighting, I think it would work.

What do you guys think?
Have a better idea on how to do it?
How would you do it?

(crosspossted because I only have two weeks)
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