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Well I too have been thinking of a screenplay. I've began and stoped work on about 8 or so in the past 3 years or so. My strong points are crazy turn of events in drama and comedy. So basicly all my screenplays have been about high school, granted I'm only going into my Junior year but I figure 'might as well write about it while I'm still here". The basic plot of it is the story of all 4 years in high school for a guy and his friends, they share ups & downs, funny moments and embarassing moments as well, the hook ups & just plain sick crap. But the basic plot is the story about 4 or 5 friends who went in Freshmen year as best buds for life and after Senior year they've drifed so far apart they rarely hang out now, which has kind of happened to me and some of my freinds. One becomes active in sports, the other in music, drama, social clubs,commiting a fellon, and other stuff that I'm forgetting.I think most people would agree with me that there's a lot of stuff that teen comedies haven't really covered, or have forgotten about. I don't know where to go tho I get so far then I stop because there's nothing else to write about. So please help me if you can
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